Don't let Congress keep dangerous cuts to wild lands

Earlier this year, the across-the-board budget cuts called “sequestration” started hitting America’s wild parks, wildlife refuges, and forests – leaving closed campgrounds, shortened visitor hours, less law enforcement, and fewer park rangers and fire fighters in its wake. Now, more of these reckless spending cuts are being proposed in Congress.

This year’s budget cuts even deeper into the programs that keep our wild places and wildlife protected. Examples include:

  • California: Deeper cuts to National Wildlife Refuges will add to the $30 million backlog of critical habitat maintenance for California’s 34 National Wildlife Refuges. This threatens habitat for migrating ducks and geese, pronghorn antelope, and endangered species like the San Joaquin Kit Fox
  • Colorado: The current budget eliminates all funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which would halt the expansion of Colorado’s Uncompaghre National Forest along the scenic San Juan Skyway. Only 55 more acres are needed to complete this 1,100 acre project – if funds are cut, it might never be finished. 
  • Washington: The Pacific Northwest’s mighty forests are on the chopping block as well. Cuts to the Legacy Roads and Trails program threaten to derail previous successes. Even though the program has improved water quality and fixed more than 4,800 miles of forest roads in the Pacific Northwest alone, the 2014 budget eliminates funding for the program completely.

Don’t let these attacks on wild lands and wildlife continue! Contact your members of Congress today!

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