Help protect Hermosa Creek and other wilderness!

There’s a reason why my company chose to stay in Durango, including investing in new headquarters. The quality of life here makes our employees want to stay and grow with us.  The benefits include protected lands, clean water and amazing recreation.  It is places like Hermosa Creek, just outside of town, that draw businesses like mine to Durango.

Right now, a bill to protect Hermosa Creek is stalled in Congress along with dozens of similar bills for other wildlands. Legislation like the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act will improve the quality of life for local families and draw business and tourism to the area.  It’s time for Congress to pass these bills!

For 50 years, the Wilderness Act has been used to protect America’s wildest places. We need Congress to continue that legacy, and pass bills like the one to protect Hermosa Creek.  And with businesses flocking to towns with access to wilderness, these aren’t just conservation bills — they’re jobs bills, too.


Matt Taylor, CEO
Mercury Payment Systems
Durango, Colorado


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