We're so close! Tell the Senate to protect wilderness before it's too late.


Everyone is talking about what the next Congress will bring, but we have a chance to make a big difference for wilderness RIGHT NOW. The House has passed a package of bills that would protect wilderness and other land in Montana, Colorado and many other states across the country, and now we need the Senate to finish the job.

We’ve been working for years to get many of these places protected for future generations and now, thanks in part to voices like yours, we are very close. It’s incredibly urgent that we get these bills passed before Congress goes back home. We need the Senate to act NOW.

If the current Congress does not pass these bills, it’s back to the legislative drawing board for dozens of places needing protections, such as Colorado’s Hermosa Creek and Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front.

This is urgent. Tell your Senator to pass wilderness bills before it’s too late!

Photo: Rocky Mountain Front (Montana). Credit: EcoFlight.

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