Ask President Obama to protect Boulder-White Clouds

President Barack Obama has a great opportunity to strengthen his public lands conservation legacy by establishing a national monument in Idaho’s Boulder-White Clouds region.

Visitors sometimes overlook the Boulder-White Clouds in favor of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, but the former offers some of the best scenery and recreation in Idaho. Home to the largest unprotected tract of roadless forest in the lower 48 states, this dramatic landscape offers great solitude, an abundance of hiking trails through gorgeous, lake-strewn mountain terrain, scrambling, wildlife viewing, fishing and other recreation opportunities. Monument status could help bring it to the attention of more people and boost the economy of nearby counties by up to $12 million annually. 

Despite its unique wild appeal, the Boulder-White Clouds area has languished while Congress bickers, repeatedly failing to approve bipartisan protection bills. A national monument designation, crafted with the careful input of local communities, would finally overcome this morass and preserve valid existing rights while safeguarding the area for future generations of sportsmen and Idahoans. It is time for the White House to take action.

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