Stop the Book Cliff mines

Colorado’s Book Cliffs are amazing – grand plateaus, mesas and buttes blanketed in sagebrush and dotted with juniper trees. Elk and mule deer winter in the canyons of the Grand Junction Book Cliffs – incredible areas that have been proposed for wilderness protection. But a potential coal mine could cut a scar through the Book Cliffs, and bring roads, trucks, and industry to this wild landscape. 

A coal mine in the Book Cliffs would mean air pollution from dust and smog coming off the mine and the associated trucks and trains to move it. It would mean tractor-trailers rumbling through elk and deer habitat so important that the BLM closes roads every winter to protect the large, dense herds. And it would pull coal from underneath Hunter Canyon – an area that the BLM itself has agreed has wilderness characteristics, – and transform another proposed wilderness area, Munger Creek, into an industrial wasteland.  

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