Celebrate wild New Mexico: thank your Senators!

Sportsmen, Native Americans, business leaders, veterans, civic groups, current and former local elected officials, archeologists, historians, and preservation and conservation organizations are applauding the introduction of Organ Mountains Desert Peaks Conservation Act. A locally-driven coalition of monument supporters has been advocating for protection of these beloved mountains for nearly a decade.

The legislation, introduced by New Mexico Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich on December 12, would protect nearly 500,000 acres of jagged peaks and premier wildlife habitat just a stone’s throw from downtown Las Cruces. The national monument would allow hunting, livestock grazing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, firefighting, law enforcement, and motorized vehicle access to continue.

As one of the top small cities in America, Las Cruces understands how important it is to invest in its long-term economic growth by protecting outstanding natural and cultural amenities nearby. This will benefit those who live and work in this thriving community and appreciate access to the great outdoors.

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