Tell the DRECP agencies to protect California's Desert Treasures!

At The Wilderness Society, we want to make sure DRECP decision-makers value the California Desert as we and our members and supporters do, while we continue to support a national transition to renewable energy. California’s deserts hold unique and beautiful wildlife habitats and important historical sites and recreation areas. Don’t let them be forgotten by the decision-makers and developed to make way for wind and solar—especially when suitable locations for development exist.

In California, the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) is being designed to facilitate smart renewable energy development—but specific decisions on which lands should be protected or developed have not been finalized. California has the opportunity to lead the country on renewable energy development, and we want to be sure they do it right by protecting our desert treasures as they plan how to meet our clean energy needs.

You can help protect beautiful and unique desert canyons and valleys, valuable historical sites and beloved recreational destinations while supporting renewable energy.

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