Protect sage grouse wilderness!

Sage grouse are an iconic bird in the west – the name alone evokes image of wild prairies and snowcapped mountains in the distance. And their mating dance is one of the most unique in the animal kingdom. But across the west, greater sage grouse are losing ground fast, and the bird’s future is in jeopardy. Development and exploitation of wildlands is fragmenting their habitat and destroying their nesting areas.

Right now, the Bureau of Land Management is weighing options for how to manage sage grouse habitat, we need your help to keep sage grouse habitat protected, and off limits to damaging drilling, mining, transmission and other energy development activities, as well as irresponsible off-road use vehicle use. These lands support hundreds of species and local economies, but only if they are managed right.

Sage grouse live in some of the best wilderness left in the west, lands that are also home to mule deer, elk, and pronghorn antelope, and many more wild birds and animals. Sage grouse habitat needs to be protected, with oil and gas drilling guided away from these important areas.

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