Oppose the Perfect Storm of Bad Drilling Bills

This week Congress is voting on a perfect storm of giveaways to drillers: eliminating federal fracking regulations, forcing drilling on wild lands and assaulting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

These bills are bad news for wilderness and wildlife. One, H.R. 2728, would repeal federal regulations on fracking on federal lands—putting our lands and rivers at risk for leaks and contamination. Another, H.R. 1965, would set mandatory drilling minimums for public lands like the Western Arctic Reserve—undoing a commonsense plan to protect more than 11 million acres of caribou habitat while still leaving more than 70 percent of oil available to drillers. There’s even an amendment that would force a search for oil in the most important parts of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The bills to oppose are:

  • H.R. 1965
  • H.R. 2728
  • H.R. 1900

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