Support our wild lands! Keep them funded!

The two-week government shutdown in 2013 was a disaster, but more than anything it showed members of Congress that Americans love their public lands and wild places. Those beautiful places are open once more, but our wild lands are still threatened by inadequate funding.

That’s because only about 1 percent of the federal budget is used each year to maintain and improve our national parks, forests, monuments and wildlife refuges, a number that does not reflect the broad public support for such programs. Even that small sliver of the budget supports billions of dollars in retail sales, hotel visits and other economic activity, not to mention protecting wildlife habitats and providing places for millions of Americans to hike, camp and get back to nature.

Despite a recent federal budget agreement that halts a portion of the automatic “sequestration” cuts, our public lands remain chronically underfunded. Tell Congress to make sure these places and the agencies that manage them have the resources they need to safeguard the wild for generations to come!

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