Keep it Wild with Betty White!

Keep it Wild - sign the pledge for Betty White

5,000 acres of open space are disappearing each and every day.

Join me, Betty White, in signing the pledge to "Keep it Wild."

Oil corporations are polluting some of America’s most magnificent places, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Coal companies are removing entire mountaintops and polluting our waterways.

That’s why I need your help.

Join me in pledging to "Keep It Wild."

This is my heartfelt declaration to continue to help the Wilderness Society:

  • Establish new parks, monuments and wilderness and heritage areas;
  • Support water conservation and protect key rivers; and,
  • Improve the management of America’s wild places.

Please sign the pledge. We can do this together.

Thank you,

Betty White

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My Pledge: 

I pledge to "Keep it Wild" for future generations.

Beginning right now -- in the face of Congressional leaders who may be ambivalent about protecting wilderness -- I will become an even stronger voice and advocate for our last great wild places with Betty White and other members of The Wilderness Society.

I will use my influence with my friends and family to keep them aware of the damage being done to our public lands and wild places. And I will use the power of my actions with The Wilderness Society to encourage elected officials in Washington DC to introduce, sponsor or support conservation efforts that come up before Congress -- to establish new parks, monuments, wilderness and heritage areas, support water supply and conservation projects and protect key rivers, and improve the management of America's public lands.

My individual actions, when multiplied by over 500,000 active Wilderness Society supporters, will make a difference. Together, by honoring this pledge, we can make sure that future generations can grow up in a society that protects and treasures its wilderness, wildlife and waterways.

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