Resist an oil and gas takeover on Colorado's public lands

Reinecker Ridge in Colorado could soon be the site of oil and gas wells.
Photo credit: Mason Cummings/TWS

Some of Colorado’s most prized rafting and hiking spots could soon be handed over to fossil fuel companies. New reports show the Bureau of Land Management could open more than half a million acres of public land along the Arkansas River and near Browns Canyon National Monument to oil and gas leasing.

This is unacceptable—we need to demand a better plan that protects our treasured lands and waters from pollution. Until May 5, The BLM will accept public comments on a plan to open up these landscapes to oil and gas leasing—speak up to protect Colorado’s air, water and wildlands from drilling!

This plan could potentially trade raging rivers, rugged canyons and backcountry forests for fields of oil drill rigs and a heavy cloud of industrial pollution. Without Coloradans' help, special places like South Park and the Arkansas River corridor could be permanently scarred by drilling.

Send a message to tell the BLM not to hand over the Colorado lifestyle to special interests!


Dear BLM Royal Gorge Field Office,

Thank you for the opportunity to provide input on the Eastern Colorado plan. I support efforts made by the Bureau of Land Management to engage communities, including through workshops and meetings, to ensure the public has a voice in the future of our public lands.

I am concerned that despite widespread support for healthy Colorado public lands, the BLM would leave more than 80% of the public lands open to oil and gas leasing in this plan. The BLM must consider a more balanced plan that includes closing important lands, such as the Arkansas River corridor, to oil and gas. An alternative that closes most of the public lands to leasing would help the BLM make better decisions to protect recreation, local communities and our climate.

Instead of prioritizing oil and gas in the Eastern Colorado plan, the BLM should ensure that wilderness-quality lands are protected for wildlife, hiking and camping by strengthening protections for these special places. The Eastern Colorado area holds American treasures, including rugged and ecologically-important canyonlands along the mighty Arkansas River. Importantly, the plan must protect South Park from reckless oil and gas development. The BLM should continue to respond to community concerns and proceed with a balanced approach that preserves pristine areas in South Park such as Reinecker Ridge.

The BLM must develop a forward-thinking plan that protects fragile ecosystems from climate change through special management designations. 

Thank you.