Credit: Mason Cummings

Sign our petition: Don't let Trump gut national monument lands 

The Trump administration is taking unprecedented action to shrink and reduce protections on public lands, including places like Utah's Bears Ears National Monument. While we prepare to launch a legal response, it is vital that we also mount an unprecedented display of popular opposition to these actions.

President Trump paints himself as a man of the people, and someone who listens to ordinary Americans. We must force him and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to reckon with the fact that "the people" simply do not want places like Bears Ears or Katahdin Woods and Waters to be shrunken or made vulnerable to development and misuse—as 99.2% of the comments submitted on Trump's infamous anti-public lands executive order attest.

Please sign the petition below to tell Trump you oppose his anti-public lands assault.


Dear President Trump, 

Your executive order calling for an unprecedented "review" of 27 national monument lands, including Bears Ears National Monument, was in keeping with a love of all things outsize and excessive. You even said, “It sounds like the largest real estate deal I could ever be involved in.” As an admirer of superlatives, you should know it is also the biggest attack on American lands in a generation. 

Now, we, the undersigned, are calling on you to end it. While you made a name based on celebrating the biggest and most of everything—whether buildings, business deals or shows of personal wealth—you also ran for president as a someone who would listen to ordinary Americans. So hear this: Your review is simply not what people want.  

Some 99.2% of the millions of public comments submitted about Bears Ears National Monument and other parks opposed your executive order. Previous polls have similarly underscored that Americans value public lands and want them to remain open and well-protected.  We are here to remind you how hugely unpopular this exercise really is.  

Perhaps you don't care about the rural communities whose economies depend on places like Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks; the elk and other great American wildlife whose habitat is held together by places like Cascade-Siskiyou; or the Native American tribes whose culture and history is physically embedded in places like Gold Butte. But think of the nation that elected you and overwhelmingly loves its wildlands.  

Please stop your attack on national monuments and other public lands.